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T3B Stocks Trading Course Is Conducted By A Self Made Multi-Millionaire And Stock Trading Guru, Mr. Keane Lee. His T3B Trading System called T3B Trader enables you to decide which SGX stocks to buy and sell at the right time profitably. This T3B Singapore Trading System is vigorously back tested over 12 years before its secrets are leaked.

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           Are You Serious In Stock Investing?

Certainly, singapore stock market is one of the best places to create our wealth and many rich people in Singapore invest in singapore stocks as well. As a stock trading novice or an average stock trader, you may pondering with a lot of questions on how to make money in sgx stocks via online stock trading :

  • How to buy stocks and sell stocks at the right time? 
  • How to make money for cases which you have listened to the so called "insider tips" from analysts, relatives or friends?
  • How to make money in Singapore by trading the right Singapore stocks?
  • How to trade like professional traders to win the trading game?

Like many others, almost 95% retail investors are losing money in stock market and there are some reasons behind it. The main differences between a retail investor and a professional trader lies in how well he or she can manage his or her psychology for e.g. greed and fear. A super trader is rational and emotionless who takes full control of his or her trading plan and know exactly what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy and when to sell the stock.

Have you seriously consider the below points for your current stock investing?

Overcome Fear And Cut Loss Whenever Necessary

When our stock prices keep on dropping, there must be some reasons behind it. Do not fear of selling them even at a loss and do not always expect their prices will climb up later or be sure that the prices will not drop further. Limit the downside decision is one of the most toughest trading decisions that anyone will need to make when he or she is losing on paper money or acknowledging that this is a wrong stock to buy. Do not let your losses balloon up to a stage that you dare not even manage it.

Follow Rules Even With A Winning Trading System & Working Trading Strategies

Without any proven trading system in which the trading strategies are applied, the chances of losing this trading game is high. Even if you are having a winning trading system and working trading strategies, it is still needed to have the right psychology, mindset, skills and patience to make a success in singapore stock trading. It is very important to understand that the rules of the trading game can be very simple but not many can really follow. Even if you have attended stock trading courses or forex trading courses before, if you have the wrong trading mindset, you cannot be successful over a period of time.

Ability to know exactly when to buy or sell a stock

The key thing here is to determine the timing of trading decision by reading stock charts. Professional traders will use technical analysis like price and volume movement as well as current market conditions to assess this timing information. It is not just knowing how to read stock charts but to deeply understand what kinds of hints that the stock chart is trying to tell you. Failures to interpret the stock charts correctly will increase the risks of making the wrong trading decisions because historical data will never tell lies. The underlying secrets of super stock traders here are not to become a long term investor, i.e. not to buy and hold stocks for a long time. They always have exit plans and do not fall in love with any stock they can pick.

Be Emotionless When Doing Trading
Human emotions affect trading decisions so much that one may not even realise it. Especially for a speculative stock or one which fluctuates greatly for certain times, this may cause the emotional tension of the investor if he or she keeps watching its price movement during trading hours. In many times of such situations, trading decisions made may be likely to go wrong when rational decisions are easily over-ruled by emotions. No one will be 100% right in trading but therefore there will be a risk to lose money. A good trading system is one which can be automated to remove such emotional factors which affect trading decisions and the professional traders rely on.

Do not average down.

Most of the retail investors lose money because they fail to understand that those who win the trading game usually already start to sell the stock when the retail investors are still chasing for it.  These winners may be likely to be the big investment institutions. When these winners start to sell a stock, price drops. When they decide not to play this stock again but focus on others,  it will leave all retail investors in the lurch. Do not catch a failing knife without knowing how sharp it is. One mistake can kills.
Do Not listen To Analysts Or Stock Experts

Successful traders do not rely on rumors, insider news or opinions from the so called stock gurus. Whatever news which come out may be already too late to rely on.  Whatever opinions may be also biased by the person who makes such opinions and no single opinion can be 100% accurate. Trading decisions still rely on how committed the trader is to focus on its trend and make informed decisions of its price and volume movement.

No 100% Risk Free In Trading

Do not believe in 100% risk free trading or otherwise it will imply that 100% of the investors are all making money in the stock market and nobody is losing money. This is impossible for a zero sum trading game. But one can possibly reduces his or her risks in trading by understanding the risk reward ratio and considering the above trading tips. Gamblers or speculators like high risk game while super traders will take calculated risks to get their expected returns.

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After T3B Free Stock Course Preview, you will be able to understand why almost 95% of the retail investors for SGX stocks fail badly.

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